Why do we need a curriculum for preschool

One of the quality standards of a preschool is defined by its curriculum design. At Edu Learrn Grow, our team of experts design curriculum in a purposeful, deliberate, and systematic manner. Our curriculum framework takes an integrated approach to early learning and considers the connections between different domains as children engage in teacher-guided as well as child led learning activities.

How can Edu Learrn Grow help in setting up a preschool?

Edu Learrn Grow enables edu-preneurs to set up and run schools that are appropriate for the environment they are built in. We believe in providing sustainable preschool solutions that are based in sound theoretical grounding as well as reflective of the culture they are in. We provide assistance in the following areas to set up the preschool

  • Name, Logo and Design options
  • Infrastructure, Teaching aids and Equipment
  • Recruitment of Teachers and coordinators
  • Marketing
  • Administration and Operational Support- including parent enquiry form, admission forms, receipts, fee structure, calendar, parent hand outs and more.
  • Assisting with parent communication
  • Centre management Assistance
  • Executing the Curriculum
  • We provide easy to understand day wise curriculum plans .
  • Monthly planners and time tables are given which enable educators plan their time efficiently.
  • Guidelines for conducting child observations and assessments are given
  • Assistance on communicating child’s understanding of the curriculum to stakeholders
  • Training educators on pedagogies

What is the post setup support that I can expect from Edu Learrn Grow?

The Edu Learrn Grow team regularly works at reviewing and revamping the curriculum. We look at introducing new concepts, materials and activities. The revamped plans will be available for all our schools at no or minimal costs. You are welcome to call us for any kind of academic or operational support that you may need throughout. Edu Learrn Grow organizes continuous professional workshops that schools may want to avail of for their teachers. For any other special requests, we are always just a phone call away.

Which age group do we provide curriculum for?

We have programs that range 1.5 years to 6 years. Early childhood centres can start mother toddler sessions, day care and preschool .

Do we provide uniforms, school kits, teaching aids and furniture?

We at Edu Learrn Grow give you the leeway to use the vendors you already know or have in your surroundings to procure uniforms, furniture, teaching aids and school kits. We however support you by offering you contact details of reliable vendors that you can compare prices from and use if you require. We also give suggestions on the quantity required for your set up. There is no obligation to buy from the vendors suggested by Edu Learrn Grow.

Do we provide workbooks?

Edu Learrn Grow provides workbooks for all the four levels of preschool. However these books are provided as soft copies. This enables you to print the quantity you desire as well as customize them with details of your school name and logo

What are the support materials provided to the teachers?

Teachers are provided with daily plans. These enable the teachers to provide the child with experiences that will aid in the holistic development of the child. In addition observation sheets, teacher planners and timetables are also provided.

What is the ideal teacher to child ratio recommended?

The teacher to child ratio recommendations vary based on the number of children in various age groups. For children between the age group of 2 years to 4 years, the ideal ratio would be 1:8. For children between the age group of 4 to 6years, the idea ratio would be 1:12

What would be the costs? What would be included in the costs?

Edu Learrn Grow has a large basket of offerings with varying costs. We also have different categories of offerings. Please do contact us for costs.

How will Edu Learrn Grow help in marketing our school to get admissions?

We at Edu Learrn Grow understand the importance of brand building. We support you with designing a logo and designing marketing collaterals such as pamphlets, brochures, standees, etc. We provide you with parent orientation workshops which effectively give parents a clear picture of the uniqueness of the curriculum.

What do I need to bring in to set up the school?

The most important thing required is the intention to give each child the best quality education available. To do this a space (physical infrastructure) is required. After the space is procured we will support you with the set up and operations.

Are there any government regulations / accreditations that are required to start a a preschool?

Different states have different rules with respect to registration for preschools. We advise customers to do the necessary checks in their area with the local government offices before proceeding with the project as rules keep changing from place to place and time to time.