K-12 Schools

If you are facing the issues mentioned below then it’s time to contact us.

  • No research based curriculum
  • Untrained teachers
  • Children unprepared to transition to grade 1
  • Inability to focus on early childhood section

We provide you with the following benefits

  • A non franchise model with no royalty
  • Curriculum based on research and best practices.
  • Curriculum prepares to child to ensure transmission to grade 1 is smooth
  • Assessments are linked to curriculum
  • Curriculum is upgraded at regular intervals
  • Teacher up gradation and development is provided

Operations and academics are crucial to successfully running a school.

Running a preschool requires that one looks at all the aspects of operations and academic management including administrative assistance, curriculum delivery, and continuous professional development of teachers. We assist you with the below.

Infrastructure, Teaching aids and Equipment

Edu Learrn Grow looks at your existing teaching aids, equipment and furniture and supports and guides you in procuring what is required. We also give you the choice of buying the same from vendors of your choice

Recruitment of Teachers and coordinators

We provide you with interview and selection guidelines to ensure your human resource requirement is optimised

Administration and Operational Support

All admission related forms and co-ordinator as well as teacher planner templates will be provided Training regarding the admission process and child-settling procedures will be provided to adapt to the new curriculum

Assisting with parent communication

One of the keys to ensure admissions is that all stake holders most importantly parents know the uniqueness of the school curriculum. We will provide you with a detailed Parent orientation training.

Centre management Assistance

We assist you with guidelines that enable you to operate your centre smoothly. This includes inventory planning, organizing special days, PTM, annual concerts and sports day.

Executing the Curriculum

  • We provide easy to understand day wise curiculum plans .
  • Monthly planners and time tables are given which enable educators plan their time efficiently.
  • Guidelines for conducting child observations and assessments are given
  • Assistance on communicating child’s understanding of the curriculum to stakeholders
  • Training educators on pedagogies

Parents as partners

We provide strategies that teachers can use to provide a window to the parents and partner with them to enhance the learning of the child.

Ongoing Assistance

We are available to support you in running your centre smoothly.

Edu Learrn Grow